Choosing IT Systems

ChoosingITSystemsIf you’re faced with the unenviable prospect of sourcing a new or replacement IT system you may be worried by the statistic that 60% – 80% of all IT projects fail. Why?

Often those rose tinted spectacles get in the way! When you have a problem and want a solution, it can be very easy to let that tint obscure the bare facts of a situation.

  • Are you sure that you are going to get the solution that you and your business really need?
  • Have you got a clear set of objectives and how will you measure whether they have been met?
  • Have you checked what the licencing arrangements and fees are?
  • What should you be paying for support and maintenance?
  • Will your chosen supplier treat you well?
  • How well will they work with you when something goes wrong?

How would you feel if you had the peace of mind knowing that your selection process is being managed effectively for you whilst still allowing you to get on with the important business of doing your own job?

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