What is a TixamTree©?

Tixam Tree



We coined the phrase to help us describe and differentiate how we help companies and individuals learn and develop. We are not your average training provider! Our staff understand the pressure of business and are focused on helping you grow your business through effective use of technology so you can branch out and achieve more.



Here at Maximity we understand that it’s not always easy to keep up to date with technology, so how do you

improve efficiency with better data analysis





increase profit every year by increasing efficiency







The simple answer is you choose from one of our membership packages, designed to help you

evolve your knowledge as technology evolves



Our 4 different packages give you access to individual and group training sessions, workshops, consultancy and seminars and are specifically designed to provide access to continuous learning because did you know that…

face to face 77% more information is retained, familiarity breeds efficiency




Choose the package that best suits your needs and your pocket, starting from £19 plus VAT a month*, and give your company the edge.

independent CPD from Maximity Ltd maximising growth


Please contact us for more information and let us help you transform the way you use IT.

* Terms and conditions apply.

If you can’t see the wood for the trees, we won’t leave you in the dark, because our seminars and workshops are there to support continuous learning and development.  If there’s something you didn’t twig on a training courses, we’ll help you understand it in a practical way. We love to see people blossom because the more we help you, the more fruitful your business becomes. Our knowledge stems from many years of business experience enabling us to be agile and flexible in our approach and teaching styles and we are firmly rooted in IT and business expertise.

Have a look at the installation of one of our trees!

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