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Our half day workshops are a cost-effective opportunity to provide focused hands-on support and training with extensive use of examples based on your own company’s documentation and files. The workshops are specific to what you need to use in a package.

MaximITy has a dedicated Centre of Excellence training room where we offer hands-on coaching to help organisations learn how to use their business software better. We have small class sizes with individual focus.

MaximITy runs both standard scheduled workshops as well as tailored courses at customer’s own premises or remotely via interactive live, web based training.

We also offer our clients the opportunity to continuously develop the skills of their company through our TixamTree Knowledge Scheme

Please scroll down our list of workshops below or check the calendar for scheduled workshop dates.

We are always adding to our courses and if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for please contact us – we’re here to help you.

Sage Report Designer Workshop


Course Code: WSAT

This workshop is designed for anyone who needs help in designing SAGE reports. Using your own data and layouts. We will help you learn how to design them in this hands on workshop. Learn the principles of controlling report changes and sharing reports and layouts with other users. Note: Sage courses are normally tailored to suit individual company requirements depending on current personnel knowledge and modules being used.  This guide shows an outline of the overall topics covered and how they may be taught from scratch.
  • Discuss your report layout requirements
  • Work through the development of the reports
  • Test the layouts or reports
  • Naming conventions
  • Copying the reports to take away
  • Installing the new layouts
MS Excel Introductionor IntermediateMS Office workshop
Excel Integrated Reporting Workshop


Course Code: WEXT

This workshop is designed for anyone who has basic knowledge of Word but needs to make use of the some of the more advanced features. Gain the practical knowledge of how to effectively produce professional reports and letters with the minimum of work. Gain the practical knowledge of how to create captivating reports, newsletters and legal documents easily and professionally using different layouts. Learn how to run and manage mail merge and create pages in web format.
  • Work through the development of the reports
  • Test the reports
  • Copying the reports to take away
Sage Report Designer introductionSage Report Designer WorkshopMS Excel IntroductionMS Excel IntermediateMS Excel Workshop
MS Office Workshop


Course Code: WOFT

This course is designed for anyone who wants to explore MS Office in more depth, reinforce their knowledge and gain practical experience.
  • Work through the development of the reports
  • Test the reports
  • Copying the reports to take away
MS Word coursesMS Excel coursesMS PowerPoint coursesMS OutlookMS Access courses

MS Project courses

Writing Skills Workshop


Course Code: WWOT



This workshop brings together two courses:

  • Effective Writing Skills course
  • MS Word Introduction


Write in a clearer and more effective style. Plan and structure your emails, letters and documents for maximum effect. You will learn when to choose between an informative and persuasive structure.

  • Organising your thoughts
  • Mind mapping
  • Structuring
  • Softening negative messages
  • Keeping the reader engaged
  • Getting to the point
  • Punctuation, grammar and spelling
  • Choosing the right tone
  • The importance of white space
  • Formatting
  • Non-discriminatory language
Presentation Skills Workshop
Presentation Skills Workshop


Course Code: WPOT




This workshop brings together two courses:

  • Presentation Skills
  • MS PowerPoint Basic


Whether you are speaking to a large audience, presenting to colleagues or making a pitch this course is designed for those who need to deliver an engaging presentation.  Understand how to design an engaging and impactful presentation and relate a presentation to your audience. Know how to manage “stage fright” with tips and techniques to control nerves.

  • How to design and storyboard a presentation
  • How to structure the presentation for maximum effect
  • How to deliver an engaging presentation
  • Managing stage fright with tips and techniques for controlling nerves
  • Do’s and don’ts when presenting
  • Body movement
  • Facial expressions
  • Voice projection
  • How to captivate an audience
  • The different styles of presenting
  • Opportunity to practice the skills of presenting
  • Your questions
MS PowerPoint IntermediateWriting Skills Workshop


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